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5 ways to rest, sleep & repeat

I'm a terrible sleeper! I can lay awake for hours with a busy mind (& a snoring partner by my side) & have even been known to give up, get up & work until my brain has had enough.

Calm, cosy & relaxing nights sleep
Restful bedroom at Thehuteyam

That confession, on the face of it, may not seem the best way to talk to you about resting & sleeping, but actually, a lifetime of insomnia has subconsciously led me to a deeper understanding of why & how to deal with it when a sleepless night occurs.

Read on...

There are a number of ways you can help yourself:

  • Reduce the amount of spicy or sugary foods, caffeine & alcohol you consume before bedtime

  • A milky drink before going to bed can help promote tiredness & sleep

  • Avoid technology at least an hour before bed & store your phone out of the bedroom.

  • Relax, read, craft or listen to music instead of being stimulated by technology (see point 3)

  • Physical exercise before bed maybe in the form of Yoga rather than anything too strenuous

The 5 points above are easy enough to do, as long as you are mindful of them & weave them in to your end of day routine. Once started, they become easier & before you know it, you are practising them without even thinking about it.

Dancing flames at thehuteaym firepit
Firepit evenings at Thehuteaym shepherds hut

Ofcourse, the distractions of daily lives, work, children & other commitments makes this difficult in your everyday, but knowing what is causing you to stay awake thinking, planning, worrying is acknowledging the problem & hopefully, the beginning of fixing it.

One thing we do know, is that being away from home, even for a night or two, can help you reset your habits.

Here at the little green hut, we have carefully planned your rest & relaxation in mind. So when you are here, certainly, 2 or 3 of these points can easily be achieved, maybe without you even noticing.

  • The only technology we have in thehuteyam is a radio & smart speaker. There is no TV & no computer

  • There is, however, a lock box for your phones. We encourage you to put your technology in the box throughout your stay so that you aren't tempted to "just" peak

  • Pairing back the gadgets & providing a bookcase of simple things to do, read a book, colour in, listen to music or just chat to each other encourages a slower more mindful time together Spotify Playlist

  • There is even hot chocolate & decaff drinks for you to enjoy while you sit & watch the flames in the firepit outside or the little wood burner inside in the evenings

  • & more recently, we have a Yoga studio just down the road where you can join a class or arrange a couples, friends or 1-1 session ahead of your stay. If this is of interest, please do get in touch The Space at Eyam Hall

Yoga studio in Eyam The Space
The Space by the yogologist Eyam

There are lots of resources available if you or someone you know struggles with sleep or this article has sparked an interest for you:

These are only our views & opinions in this article & should not be used as medical advice.

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