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4 tips for reducing anxiety

Its mental health awareness week & the perfect time to remind you why we do what we do here at the little green hut & the little cottage.

Everyone has a story & we are no different. pop the kettle on, pull up a chair & we shall begin....

Our lives looked very different 10 years ago. We had teenage boys, we both had busy jobs & we were running on nearly empty most of the time. Ofcourse, neither of us recognised the build up to what eventually was to be a decision to dramatically change our lifestyles in an attempt to find a better work life balance for our mental health.

So, after 26 years working in the financial sector, I took a leap of faith, not knowing, but hoping it would work & left my safe job which made me unhappy, stressed & anxious and created what I believed to be the answer to a calmer. stress-less life. Working for myself. Being my own boss. Choosing flexibility instead of 9-5.

Did it work? Hell yeah it did!

Along the way, it became more than a decision to just improve our own quality of life, it soon became obvious that we were not alone in feeling this way. Talking to friends & family, they all said that they had these feelings, of overwhelm, exhaustion & lack of balance in their own lives too. & soon, offering a night or two away in a glamping experience, was only part of the little green hut business we had created.

Image: Thehuteyam

From our own experience, there were some key elements that, when focused on, helped us to switch off, to relax & unwind, & which reduced our own anxiety levels & helped us remain more balanced.

You'll see, that these 4 elements are woven into everything we do for our guests here at the little green hut & now the little cottage too & we hope that by sharing them with you, you might weave one or two of them into your lives or even come & stay for a night or two............

Image: Feet up on the deck at Thehuteyam

Relax - Prioritising self care

Self care looks different for us all, but there are some key elements that we can all do easily which will help:

Digital detox. Switch off your technology Do not over commit your self. Make time for you Switch off the alarm. Ensure you get enough sleep Eat well. Fresh & seasonal produce when you can.

Image: Master bedroom at the little cottage, Eyam

Unwind - Talking with "your people" When we are busy, talking & listening somehow becomes harder to do. We feel overwhelmed to the point we "don't have time" for each other. Letting your person talk, is good for you both. Be kind. Listen to their day, their worries, their excitement. Listen to them. Having time for each other is a gift, afterall, the age old saying, a problem halved is a problem solved, is so very true. Talking, getting your worries off your chest, sharing your concerns & asking for advice makes the issue seem half as big.

Image: Friends together

Escape - Adventures

Planning an adventure is just the best! It might be a day, a night, a week, a month if you're lucky, but having something in the diary & to look forward to, breaks life down into achievable chunks or sections. Countdowns are a great way to aim for something you have got planned & it shifts your focus onto something exciting & positive to look forward to.

Image: Campervanlife escaping & adventures

Explore - Getting outdoors Fresh air & being outdoors with the sun on your face or in the elements is sooooo good for you. We all know it is important - in lockdown we were encouraged to get outside for an hour a day, we were all told that it was good for our physical & mental well being, but how many of us have let this daily habit slip? Seasons are our super power! Slow down & notice them. Listen to the bird song. If you take a walk & take the same route on a regular basis, you will soon begin to notice the changes. New growth & newborn lambs in spring. Fields of buttercups in summer. Changing leaf colours in Autumn. Shadows cast by the bare tree branches in winter. It's all there for free, we just need to open our eyes & notice it.

Image: Walking & noticing our surroundings in the Peakdistrict

We know these 4 tips work.


Well, you tell us so. The messages you leave in our guest books, on AirBNB & on TripAdviser tell us so. We can also see the change in our guests from arrival to leaving. Maybe they have rushed from work on Friday evening, left late dropping kids off & arriving a little bit frazzled. But a good nights sleep, no alarm, a leisurely breakfast in bed & a day of doing little except wandering & enjoying their surroundings, melts away their worries, even just for a little while.

Image: Guest book reviews at thehuteyam

Ofcourse, mental health awareness week is a great way to focus & think about changes you can make to help yourself. But it's also a good time to check in with your family & friends too. Pick up the phone, send a text. Kindness is the best medicine for you & the recipient.

We hope you can find time for some self care, time with your people, an adventure, big or small & getting outdoors - and you never know, maybe we will see you here for some hut & cottage magic to help you make some unforgettable memories.


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