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Updated: Jul 6, 2019

When the lovely journalist Catherine Roth contacted me way back at the beginning of the year asking if I’d be interested in an article in the Derbyshire Life magazine featuring our little green hut, how could I refuse?

So on a rainy morning in January, we met, sat in the hut, listened to the rain on the tin roof, drank tea & chatted. We talked about the story of how Thehuteyam came to be, and how & why we set up the b&b.

A month or two passed & nothing was published & I began to wonder if our story wasn’t what they were looking for or interesting enough! But then I started getting messages of congratulations on “the article”. I rushed off to the shops to get a copy & see what all the fuss was about & what I thought was going to be, at best, a short write up, turned out to be an amazing 4 page spread!

You can read all about our story of how we came to be here at: or by searching our previous blog post “Once Upon A Little Green Hut” We’d love to know what you think...........

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