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Moving forward into a New Year

Last year I was stood on this very beach on New Years Eve flinging my arms open to a New Year & excited for what it would bring. I had no idea what was to unfold, the changes & devastation that would occur less than 6 weeks into the year......

This is Family Little Green Hut, stood on Elie beach, a very special family in a very special place. We have been coming to Fife, Scotland as an extended family for 40 years, it's in our blood & a place we have such very fond memories of. Walking, pushing prams, building sandcastles, playing football & cricket, flying kites, even getting in the sea in October in our pants (the kids not us!)

The photo was taken in October this year (2022) It was cold & dank & all our emotions were on high alert. We walked along the beach as usual, throwing the ball for the dogs, but there was very little chatter. We were together but quiet, supporting & sending strength out silently to one another. And in this very place on the picture, we gathered, & listened to my brave brave sister & brother in law as they let go of Tom, sprinkling his ashes into the sea for his onward journey... & so as the title says, moving forward begins.

What this year has taught us, is that nothing can prepare you for such tragedy. That together you will move forward. That kindness is everything. That time is precious. & that love is unconditional. So, because of what has happened, our perspective has changed. What is important to us has been magnified.

Ofcourse, life still carries on & the world is still spinning but it's much more difficult with a broken heart. Everything somehow feels heavier, exhausting & often like we are on the outside looking in. But we have learnt, that there are things we can do to help ourselves move forward through being gentle on ourselves. Escaping has been our lifeline this year, particularly with the intensity of family commitments. So whenever it has been possible, we have thrown the bedding in the campervan & escaped. People talk about the freedom of the open road & I had never really understood it, but it's true. Driving to & exploring new places, has helped clear our heads & refill our batteries for a few more weeks. Noticing when we are running low (or sometimes on empty) has become second nature & planning in a night away somewhere without distractions an absolute priority.

As well as escaping, we have made getting outside & walking part of our daily routine whenever possible. Having the beautiful Peak District on our doorstep to explore is such a treat. No need for the car, we have just set off & gone! Sometimes without a plan, just going in which ever direction we fancy. It's mainly been local, but we have enjoyed a few longer walks from Eyam to Hathersage & Ashford in the Water over the moors. This year I PROMISE you & myself, to get some of our favorite walks written down so that you can enjoy some "off the beaten tracks" places too so that when you come & stay in our little green hut you can enjoy & explore for yourselves..

We must also say a big thankyou to you, our guests, for continuing to come & stay with us, spending your precious time & celebrations here. We do hope that the memories you make, will carry with you long into the future & maybe pass on to your family & friends too. There is no bigger compliment than guests who have been referred by you. We strive to create a place where you can escape your every day, busy lives & escape your "crazy" even for a short time. Switch off from the outside world, turn off your phones & just "be you" together. Our details really do make a difference, of that, we can be certain.

Finally, this year would have been a zillion times harder if this man had not been by my side. He has been there though highs & lows, ups & downs & everything inbetween. Thankyou Mr Hut you are my rock.

So, from us, the paws & our little green hut, we wish you a Happy & Healthy New Year.

Let it be full of your special people & adventures together & hopefully, we will see you here to...

Relax. Unwind. Escape. Explore

Hutty hugs xx


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