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Top 10 ways to hygge in Autumn & Winter

Autumn & Winter are THE perfect times to embrace a slower pace & enjoy life's simples pleasures, to choose simple over extravagant & to hunker down & be cosy. Hygge (pronounced hoo-ga) is a way of life introduced to us by the Danes who certainly know how to do it & are proof with their happiness & contentment statistics. It isn't complicated, but it does take practice & a little bit of effort to incorporate it into your everyday lives.

"Cosy - a feeling of comfort & relaxation"

Hi, this is me in my autumny happy place, grab a cuppa, have a read & tell me if you've tried any of our hygge tips......

We have spent many holidays in Germany having family there, & one of our favourite adventure was to the Lofoten Islands in Norway. Both these locations practice & embrace Hygge which maybe is why here at the thehuteyam & thecottageeyam we consciously practice hygge. Infact we positively encourage it! We know that it doesn't go unnoticed, our guest book is full of compliments about the cosiness, the little details & how they make you feel relaxed. We hope after you have stayed with us, you take away some of the simple practices & notice the difference they can make at home too.

Simple - uncomplicated, humble & unpretentious

Our quick list below will hopefully reassure you that it's easier than you think

1. Bring flowers & foliage indoors - some garden pickings, foraged pine cones & conkers or some rosehips & ivy foraged from your walk around the park with the dog! They will make your windowsill cheery. & they will make you cheery too.

Image: Foraged finds from the garden for the little cottage

2. Cosy up with some blankets - once the days cool down & the nights draw in, grab the blanket you used for your summer picnics & cosy up (together!) on the sofa. Find a box set to watch or choose your favourite film & make it a weekly ritual at the weekend.

3. Light a cosy, warm & spicy scented candles - one of our favourites, we always have a scented candle on the go & our best come from at Olive & B & Peak District Candle Co. The scents can transport you back instantly to places & people or a season. My favourite are the musky scents, "old Library", "the old smoke house" & "autumn days" from the brilliant Rachel at Olive & B.

4. Fairylights aren't just for Christmas! - If you don't have a permanent set up like we do in the hut & also in the house on the kitchen dresser, now's your time! We have a set on the driveway, which are leftover from Christmas 2 or 3 years ago, but are now a permanent fixture. Their sparkle makes me smile every time I see them all.

5. Simple hobbies come into their own as the autumn nights draw in - Instead of switching the TV on automatically & scrolling for "something" to watch, why not grab a colouring book or pick up & read that book you've been meaning to but haven't got around to? Or maybe it's time to start a new hobby, knitting & crocheting have been proven to help reduce stress & improve mental health, it's the new yoga!! There is a gorgeous little nook & deep window sills to sit in at Memorial cottage perfect for any of these.

Image: Autumn leaves

6. Get outside for an autumn or winter walk - The saying goes that there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothes. I mostly agree with this unless it is pouring down, then the dog walk just has to wait! We are so lucky to live in the beautiful Peak District National Park, where there are so many brilliant routes to take for every ability & every distance. We have some favourites which we share with our guests, where few people go, you feel like you are the only ones there & the peace & quiet takes your breath away. Lets Go Peak District have some brilliant recommendations too, why not check them out for some suggestions.

7. Who doesn't love sharing meals around the kitchen table - or wherever you choose, but eating together is one of life's greatest pleasures. It doesn't have to be fancy, infact the more simple & rustic the better. This is the time of year to dig out the slow cooker. It takes a little bit of thinking ahead, but pop everything in in the morning, plug in & leave until supper time. A hearty casserole with some chunky bread (homemade if you've time, but not imperative) & cheese for afters is hygge heaven.

8. Games - When is the last time you played cards, connect 4 or O's & X's, probably Christmas day? Playing simple games is another way to avoid putting on the TV & having some fun together. Sit in front of the fire & sip some mulled wine whilst your playing. We have all these games & more for you to use & enjoy.

9. Fires - Maybe this should be No.1! Watching the glow of a real fire & the flames dancing, never gets old imo. It goes back a long way with fond memories of my grandparents living room with a coal fire. I used to sit as close as I could get, making my cheeks glow, watching for pictures in the flames. We have wood burners in both the little green hut & the little cottage, perfect for sitting quietly, watching the flames, drinking hot chocolates & toasting marshmallows & wrapped in a blanket till late.

Image: Yulelog at thehuteyam

10. Making new traditions - as seasons change & years pass, traditions that you have always done may become a little bit outdated or times change. Or maybe, you've seen something that someone else does & thought it would be nice to try too? Last Christmas (2022) I introduced two new family traditions.

The first was to forage, make & burn a Yule Log. It meant we took a walk intentionally to collect a small branch, wrapped it in Ivy from the garden & tucked in a white feather for our loved ones, before burning it on the fire on December 21st, the winter solstice, setting some intentions quietly for the coming months.

The second was to make more of a Christmas Eve celebration. Our family is growing up & extending, which means it is more difficult to gather everyone together for one day. A Christmas Eve supper with small gifts (books) wrapped simply & placed on each plate for the recipients to read & enjoy a bit of quiet time before the next days festivities begin. Another easy danish tradition we have adopted.

Image: Christmas Eve table celebration

So that's our list. 10 simple things to do to incorporate the art of HYGGE into your daily lives..........

You don't need to do them all at once but fairylights, blankets & a hot chocolate are a good start! While I've been sat here at the kitchen table typing away, I have been wrapped in a blanket (old lady vibes!) the fairylights are on the dresser behind me & I have a candle burning next to some garden pickings on the table, it really is easier than you think.

Happy hygge-ing & little hutty hugs from us xx

All words & images are own, thehuteyam, thecottageeyam

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