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Top 10 ways to hygge in Spring & Summer

You might be mistaken for thinking hygge (pronounced hoo-ga) is just for autumn & winter, but to hygge is to be cosy. To enjoy lifes simple pleasures. To choose simple over extravagant & to embrace a slower pace. It's a way of life introduced to us by the Danes who certainly know how to do it & are proof with their happiness & contentment statistics. It isn't complicated & it isn't difficult, but it does take practice & a little bit of effort to incorporate it into your everyday lives.

"Cosy - a feeling of comfort & relaxation"

Here at the thehuteyam & thecottageeyam we consciously practice hygge, infact we positively encourage it! We know that it doesn't go unnoticed, our guest book is full of compliments about the cosiness, the little details & how they make you feel relaxed. We hope after you have stayed with us, you take away some of the simple practices & notice the difference they can make at home too.

Simple - uncomplicated, humble & unpretentious

Our quick list below will hopefully reassure you that it's easier than you think

1. Bring flowers indoors - a pot of daffs, some garden pickings or some pussy willow foraged from your walk around the park with the dog! They will make your windowsill cheery. & they will make you cheery too.

2. Open your windows & let a breeze in - once the days warm up a bit, throw open a window as you get out of bed for half an hour. I love being in the bath with the window ajar & a breeze blowing in, whatever the season.

3. Light a fresh scented candles - one of our favourites, we always have a scented candle on the go & our best come from at Olive & B & Peak District Candle Co. There is something clean & fresh feeling about a beautiful scented room.

4. Fairylights aren't just for Christmas! - we have a permanent set in the hut & also in the house on the kitchen dresser. There is a set on the driveway, which are leftover from Christmas but are now a permanent fixture. Their sparkle makes me smile everytime I see them all.

5. Whether you are a lark or an owl, there is no excuse! Larks, get up earlier, make a cuppa & enjoy a spring/summer sunrise. Owls, wait for the sun to go down & watch the sunset & stargaze. On a warm summers evening, lie on your back in the garden or find a registered dark sky area ( we have one close by to us here in Eyam at Surprise view in Hathersage, Peak District)

6. One for a weekend or day off - Have breakfast in bed. Years ago we went to a fancy hotel which had trays with legs! I'd never seen them before, but I own several now. There is one in the hut & one in the cottage & are perfect for your coffee & croissant or tea & toast.

7. Who doesn't love a BBQ or a picnic - as the evenings lengthen, usually on a Friday, we take a walk up the hill to a spot which feels like the middle of nowhere. Armed with a local pork pie, cheese & biscuits & a bottle of fizz, it's the perfect way to end a busy week. Lounging on the grass, watching the clouds & catching up with each others working week.

8. Digital detox - We all spend too much time on our phones. fact. We are all contactable 24/7 & it really affects our mental health. Leaving your phone in a different room or turning it off completely means no distractions & allows you more time for each other. We have recently introduced a "digital detox lockbox" in the hut & the cottage, a place where you can pop your phones in & forget about the world for a few hours.

9. Campfires - it might be getting too warm for indoor fires, but sitting around a firepit on an evening is magical. Sit quietly & watch the flames, toast marshmallows & as it goes cooler, wrap a blanket around you & stay out till late. (& hats are most definitely allowed, for keeping warm purposes, whatever the season!)

10. Line dry your washing - There is nothing better than getting into a bed with the smell of sheets that have come straight off the line. Whenever we can, we line dry the bedding, even in winter months but most definitely in Spring & Summer.

So that's our list. 10 simple things to do to incorporate the art of HYGGE into your daily lives..........

You don't need to do them all at once but flowers, fires & fairylights are a good start! While I've been sat here at the kitchen table typing away, I have the fairylights on, a candle burning & some garden pickings on the windowsill, it really is easier than you think.

Happy hygge-ing & hutty hugs from us xx


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